Suzette Thomas

This women has been described by many words, and she will clearly explain how some of those have not been the most fruitful. However through persistance, dedication and pure hard work she has utilised all her resilience, grounded and inspiring persona to be very successful in several areas of her life.

She resides in Perth WA and has several accolades she achieved and give full credit to her name. Namely being a world leading athlete coming off the back of the 2019 Adina Polocrosse World Cup. Or being the owner, builder and director of her local swim school business. Or more recently developing a online Performance for Women programs.

Nothing deters her from achieving her goals set and the determination is proven while raising 4 beautiful children whom all seem to attribute the ambitious qualities exhibited through their mums performances.

She is an absolute inspiration and has a lot of relate-able fables that can make any women feel they too can achieve great things when putting your mind to it. She strongly supports the theory of “Things Happening For You & Not To You.”

Successful Entrepreneur and Athlete

The constant juggle is well worth the effort…
If there is anything I have learned about life and its challenges… it is
We only have one- and we might as well make it the best one!
Nothing is ever easy- and I pride myself on always working on doing, being, and having more…
Competitive nature- mixed with always trying to achieve my best… to help so many others (my obligation

Awarded Entrepreneur