Introducing Myself- Suzette Thomas

Hi and Welcome to my Blog Page. To introduce myself, I am a mother of four champion children and a loving wife, of whom lives in Perth WA. Our small acreage is a lifestyle block, with impressive wildlife of which we ride our horses among daily. My aspirations for being a world leading athlete in the sport we play Polocrosse started at a very young age, and that among other dreams have managed to be all part of the process to my successes.

On our property I also have built, own and run an indoor heated swimming facility of which was created for the local children to learn to swim. I am very proud to have created and made such a service available, created purely from the tragic loss of my older brother of which drowned at a very young age. So to pay tribute to him and try and keep all the other families whole, this venture has been a highlight of my career and amounts to my success also.

There is a whole range of areas of my life I can refer to and the triumphs associated with them, however I do strongly believe that things happen for a reason and for you, not to you. Suz x

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Suzette Thomas is a World Leading Athlete, Mother of 4 Champions and an Entrepreneur of Several Businesses.

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